Korg Kaossilator

digital effects sampler/controller


Information about the Korg Kaossilator

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Use the Kaossilator with these:

Korg Zero 4 & Zero 8


Behringer PRO MIXER DJX700

Mackie d.2 firewire 2 channel mixer

Pioneer DJM-600, DJM-3000

Allen & Heath Xone 62, Xone 464

Peavey DAI realtime MP3/.WAV/.CDA mixer

Korg Kaossilator

The Kaossilator is all about fun. Packed full of sounds & effects from other Korg products, it's a synthesizer & effects unit in a tiny, mobile package, for around a hundred quiid. With 100 preset combinations (of sound & effect) to choose from, using the finger pad (from the Kaoss Pad), sliding left to right changes the note, then up & down movements apply/change the effect.

It takes 4 AA batteries, but eats through them at a rate (at least mine does), or power adapter (not supplied). Switch it off when you're finished with it, as it doesn't power down when left unused, and drains your batteries.

Size: 4.17" W x 5.08" D x 1.14" H; weight: 5 1/2 oz. (without battries)

Marketing blurb for Kaossilator

Full specification of Kaossilator

Korg Kaossilator reviews

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Korg Kaossilator manual & other resources

Kaossilator owners manual

The official Korg Kaossilator minisite

Alternatives to the Korg Kaossilator

Pretty much nothing with tone generation capability, that size, that price!

Yamaha Tenori-on... if it wasn't 6 times the price!

Korg DS10 (korg MS10 on a Nintendo DS)... sort of competes with it

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